The ST-4000i Intelligent Series Flash Analyzer offers the latest technology for monitoring the intensity of Aircraft Anti-Collision Strobe Lighting Equipment. The unit is completely self contained and requires no external accessories allowing more versatility in the field. The internal software will now allow maintenance personnel to log multiple testing records and archive data as necessary for ongoing maintenance tracking. The ST-4000i is the only tool in the industry that will accurately measure LED Anti-Collision Light Sources.


Optional accessories are available including rugged travel case, non-glare screen protector, detachable safety lanyard, ST-4000i Data Management Software.


NOTE: All New units will come with a 1-year calibration included.

Comparison between our Legacy ST-4000 Flash Analyzer & ST-4000i Intelligent Series Flash Anayzer

AAC ST4000i – ST4000 Side by Side Comparison

Download the latest Operating Manual for the ST-4000i

ST4000i-OM-01 REV C

A standard 12 month calibration interval is recommended for the ST-4000i Flash Analyzer. For current pricing please contact us at [email protected] or call (386)822-9550.

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